At West End Mortgages we search the whole of the market, looking over the thousands of different mortgage products available on the market to allow you to remortgage your home using the best option possible.

We offer completely impartial advice to make sure that you secure the best mortgage to suit your needs and that is available to you.

We will deal with the full end to end process, liaising with the lender on your behalf so you will not have to worry about having to visit a branch of the lender or have to answer any questions from them over the phone while your application is being processed. This allows you to focus on other priorities, knowing that we are working away in the background for you organising your mortgage. 

When you bought your property you will have paid a solicitor and there would have been a valuation carried out or a home report completed.

Most remortgages include free legals and free valuation as part of the remortgage package and the new lender will organise this for you. This helps to reduce the costs of switching to a new mortgage deal.

If you are on your lenders Standard Variable Rate (SVR), it is likely that you are paying far more for your mortgage than you should be. You will likely have no penalties on your mortgage, so you can organise a new mortgage straight away with a view to getting you switched on to a new deal as quickly as possible.

You can apply for your new mortgage up to 6 months in advance of your current deal ending. This is a good option to secure a good mortgage deal and to have everything organised in plenty of time.


Secure a new deal and avoid your lender’s standard variable rate. This can sometimes provide you with significant savings.


Remortgage to obtain a new mortgage deal and release some of the equity in your property to allow you to carry out home improvements. This is sometimes a popular option opposed to moving home which can work out quite expensive once all of the various fees are added up.


Consolidate debts. By remortgaging you could look to repay expensive loans or credit cards to free up some disposable income. We would only advise this if it was beneficial to you over the term of the mortgage, as this could prove to be costly if spreading the debt over many years.


Change the terms of the mortgage, such as reducing the term of the loan or moving from interest only on to repayment. Taking advantage of low interest rates and reducing the term of the mortgage can potentially save you thousands of pounds in interest.


Secure a new deal and release some equity to fund the deposit for an additional property purchase, such as a holiday home or a rental property.

First Meeting

Our mortgage specialist at West End Mortgages looks to your existing lender to see what options you have available to you to stay with them and we then compare what they have to offer with the whole of the mortgage market. If the mortgage deals are better with another lender and we can satisfy their lending criteria for you, we may look to move your mortgage to them to take advantage of the better deal.

People have less loyalty to their mortgage provider than they do to the bank where they have their current account or savings, partly due to the fact that you rarely need to speak to your mortgage lender through the term of your mortgage deal. The primary focus for a lot of borrowers is which lender can offer them the best deal.

At West End Mortgages our focus is in building long term relationships with our clients. We do this by providing them with an extremely high level of service at all times  and by truly having your best interests at heart.

As part of the West End Mortgages remortgage service we contact our clients up to four months in advance of their current deal ending so that we have plenty of time to chat over your options and your priorities, and get everything in place for you well in advance of your current deal ending.

If you are making changes to your mortgage, whether it be securing a new deal, amending the term or borrowing additional funds, this is a good time to review any cover that you may have in place to ensure that it is fit for purpose and you have the right level of cover in the right areas.

At West End Mortgages our Mortgage and Protection Specialist will conduct a full review of any cover that you may receive from your employer, any policies that you have in place, and identify any shortfalls that you may have in your cover to make the appropriate recommendations to ensure that you are well protected.