Being Prepared

We appreciate that applying for a mortgage can sometimes be a daunting experience.

At West End Mortgages, we do the heavy lifting for you by navigating through the thousands of mortgage products available on the market ensuring that you get the very best deal for your individual circumstances and requirements.

When a lender is assessing your mortgage application they will make a detailed check of your income and outgoings. This is to ensure that the mortgage you are applying for is affordable. 

All lenders have different lending criteria which can impact a borrower greatly depending on different factors such as occupation, credit commitments and other regular outgoings.

When assessing a mortgage, the amount that each lender will lend you can vary widely. This is despite the fact that the assessment will be based on the exactly the same information on you.

At West End Mortgages we have a thorough understanding of each lender’s criteria and we will recommend the very best mortgage for your circumstances and budget, carefully selected from across the whole of the mortgage market.

Documents you’ll need

Lenders are quite specific in what they require from you to support your mortgage application.

As a guide the following would be the minimum required by all lenders which you should organise in advance of moving forward with your mortgage application:


Passport and driving licence


Address ID such as council tax bill, utility bill, bank or credit card statement, or your most recent mortgage statement


Last 3 months pay slips and latest P60


The latest full 3 months bank statements for the account that your salary and any other income is paid into


If you are self employed the lender may require your latest two years tax computations and accompanying tax overview statements, last 2 years company accounts, an accountants reference or a combination of these documents. Please speak to the team at West End Mortgages and we can tell you which of these documents will be required as this can vary dependent on which lender we will be applying to for your mortgage


Proof of deposit to show where your deposit is coming from. This could be in the form of a savings or investment statement or it could be coming as a gift from a family member. If you let us know the source of your deposit we’ll let you know exactly what will be required


Copy of up to date credit report (details below)

Credit Report

When applying for a mortgage, lenders will conduct in depth credit checks to check your financial history and credit payment record as part of the underwriting process before offering you a mortgage.

Lenders may use one, or a combination of the UK Credit Reference Agencies to complete their credit checks on you.

At West End Mortgages we recommend that you access your multi Credit Report as part of the document gathering process.

This allows you to check to make sure that all of the information on the report is accurate. It also allows you to check that all of the payment history on any of your current or historical credit agreements is correct and also that your address history is correct. If anything is showing as incorrect, you can contact the credit reference agencies to have this information corrected. 

This is crucial to help ensure that we achieve success for you in placing your mortgage first time around and also helps to avoid any unnecessary delays. 

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